Meet Alena Marek

Meet Alena Marek. In March of 2010, Alena was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive childhood cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Sadly but not unusually, Alena’s was already stage 4. Immediately after diagnosis, a whirlwind of events began to unfold – as many critical and important decisions were made for Alena’s treatment plan. She has undergone round after round of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, many scans, procedures, and pokes and prods. She has amazed all of those around her with her strength and faith in this terrifying journey. Currently, Alena is cancer-free and we ask you to join us in prayer that she remains this way for the rest of her healthy, long, and successful life. To find out more about Alena, visit her caringbridge. Butterfly Kisses has been blessed to be part of Alena’s courageous fight against rhabdomyosarcoma.

12/26/2011: “Late last night, on Christmas, Alena quickly passed from this life into Heaven.  At the time of her passing,  Alena suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing. She was rushed to Emergency but they could not revive her. Despite doing very well in her recovery, recently the cancer had returned in her chest. There is no medical cure for a Rhabdomyosarcoma relapse, and all we had left for hope was prayer and our love for each other. She had felt increasingly weak in the last several weeks, and was taking some medication to deal with pain. Alena wanted to live this time lately as normally as possible, and didn’t want to talk about her illness or have people shower her with attention, gifts, sympathy, or pity. Her faith in God remained resolute and her attitude positive, even as her body grew tired and her will to live wavered. She suffered so much, but rarely complained. Alena sought her refuge and relief in prayer with Jesus, and she is with Him now, no longer in pain. ” (via caringbridge)

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