Meet Angel Thompson

Meet Angel Thompson. When healthy and happy Angel began to have severe headaches and her eyes began to cross, her parents¬†were concerned about their daughter’s health.¬†Seeing multiple doctors, Angel endured months of misdiagnosis from neck problems to apendicitis. Never did her parents expect the true diagnosis: brain cancer. Angel was diagnosed in March of 2010 with Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, a large tumor on her brain stem with a relatively bad prognosis. Immediately, Angel underwent a risky brain surgery…and doctors were able to remove 95% of the tumor! This was good news, but Angel continued to face obstacles – her walking was labored, her eyes crossing, and her pain intensifying. Continuing to be monitored and receive therapy, Angel was considered to be stable with no new growth or change in the tumor. Sadly, in August of 2011 scans revealed new activity within the tumor. With the location being such a risky and important area as the brain, treatment options are limited. Now, Angel faces the possibility of chemotherapy or another brain surgery. Butterfly Kisses had the pleasure of traveling to Angel’s home and meeting her and her family. Talkative, spunky, and full of faith in God, we had a great time delivering a care basket and getting to know the Thompson family. To follow Angel’s continued journey, visit her caringbridge. Butterfly Kisses has been blessed to be a part of Angel’s courageous battle against brain cancer.

Angel Thompson, Lindsay Kunik, Holly Walsh

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