Meet Wes Pak

Meet Wes Pak. Wes was born two weeks early in December of 2005, an alert and happy baby who grew into a lively and active little boy. A lover of Star Wars, soldiers, and all things animals or bugs, Wes was always an extremely healthy child – rarely even having so much as a simple ear infection. In May of 2011, however, Wes began to experience odd symptoms. He complained of abdominal pain and his appetite grew smaller and smaller. First being dismissed as constipation, Wes was taken to the doctor’s a few weeks later. An x-ray revealed that Wes had a large mass in his abdomen and he was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with Stage 4 High-risk Neuroblastoma. This tumor in his abdomen was pushing on his organs, causing him to feel full, explaining the decreased appetite. From there, Wes’ difficult fight began. Despite the chemos, the transfusions, the needles, the surgeries, and the medications, Wes remains a fun-loving and faithful spirit. His mom, Krista, describes him as a hero, even before falling ill, asking the profound question: “While his tumor takes up the majority of the left side bringing pain and causing him not to eat, he still manages to keep a smile on his face and laughter in the air. If he can smile despite his illness, why can’t we? Wes’ strength gives me the will to move forward. He is my inspiration, my motivation, my hero.” To learn more about Wes and his fight against cancer, visit his facebook page or caringbridge. Butterfly Kisses has been blessed to be a part of Wes’ fight against Neuroblastoma.

Wes Pak

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