About Us

Butterfly Kisses Care Baskets was founded by Lindsay Kunik and Holly Walsh, who, inspired by one little girl who sadly lost her fight against pediatric cancer, have realized that their purpose in life lies in aiding these courageous children and their beautiful families. With your help, we will make this dream a reality.


A natural leader since elementary school, Lindsay Kunik (left) has always had a passion for helping others, whether it was feeding her baby sister a bottle or donating $1 of her allowance to the homeless shelter. Today, as a freshman in college, Lindsay continues to give herself to others as she works towards her goal of becoming a midwife at Virginia Commonwealth University. She enjoys reading, writing, babysitting, blogging on Tumblr, frozen yogurt, and spending time with friends. After being touched by an angel, Lindsay knew that she had to do something more. Thus, paired with Holly Walsh, Butterfly Kisses was formed.

The oldest of a large family of six children, 18-year-old¬†Holly Walsh (right) is no stranger to helping out those who need her. However, as Holly got older, her passion moved to other people – children, in fact, who needed her help. Currently a freshman at University of North Carolina at Asheville, Holly is working towards a major in psychology and a K-6 teaching licensure in hopes of teaching kindergarten one day. She enjoys reading, babysitting, cooking gluten free food, yoga, and watching documentaries. After investing a lot of time, love, and compassion into a sweet angel’s fight with cancer, together with Lindsay Kunik, Butterfly Kisses was born out of that same love and compassion.

Butterfly Kisses Care Baskets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the goal of bringing care baskets to children who are battling for their lives against childhood cancer or other terminal illnesses, as well as hosting numerous other projects throughout the year. We realize that when a child is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it not only affects the child but the parents, siblings, and the rest of their family. For this reason, we strive to bring an element of hope and joy not only to the child fighting for their life, but for their family. Our hope is that we will provide a smile and a moment to focus not on the illness, but on the blessings of life.

Lindsay and Holly founded Butterfly Kisses at age 15, right before their sophomore year of high school. Butterfly Kisses became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit on August 25th, 2010, and tax exempt the following spring. Thanks to love, support, and donations from people worldwide, Butterfly Kisses has sent care baskets to over 250 families in the US and Canada over the past three years and continues to serve from two separate locations in Richmond, VA, and Asheville, NC.

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