Make Cards

Do you want to make a difference but perhaps don’t have the financial means to make a donation? Donate cards. They are free, easy, and mean so much to a sick child. A few things to remember in making your cards:

  • Refrain from apologizing for their illness! Instead, be encouraging and hopeful.
  • You can make your card gender specific but please do not write a name. Instead, you can open your card with “Dear Brave Friend,” or “Dear Friend,” or something along those lines.
  • Make the cards cheery and happy! Remember who they are going to!
  • Anyone can make cards – adults, children, toddlers, and beyond. There is no limit to your creativity!
  • There is no time limit! This is an ongoing card drive.
  • Calling all teachers, students, or parents of a child in school! We would love for you to make cards with your class. Here is a printout detailing our card drive. We would love for you to share our story of hope, compassion, and love with your students or classmates!

Please mail all cards to Butterfly Kisses Care Baskets at:

 PO Box 49111
Charlotte, NC 28277

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