WOW! Just wow–you two are incredible! BOTH boys loved their surprises–Zach hasn’t put down the fact book yet!! The collage is beyond beautiful–that is going on the wall and will always be a special reminder of YOU guys to me as well as of the pictures/memories on it. Just thank you girls–you are just absolutely amazing!!” – Deliece H.

“We got ours as well and THANK YOU! The boys were so excited.” – Danielle S.

“Thank you Butterfly Kisses for the wonderful canvas photos & goodies!! We loved it!!” – Teresa C.

“Keegan received a very beautiful and wonderful gift in the house to hang it up. The kids loved the little art boxes full of goodies that were in there as well, very sweet! When I the mail today, from Butterfly Kisses Care Baskets. The canvas collage is beautiful! I’m looking for a VERY special place in pulled it out of the box, the tears just flowed. This collage means so much to me, they have no idea how much I truly TRULY love this collage. It will always have a special place on my walls!! ” – Mae D.

“We received the package & we LOVE it! The collage is beautiful, made me cry–happy tears.” –Robin L.

“My girls loved it and thank you for including Kennedy as well, she carries hers around everyday! I LOVE the canvas photo collage, it’s amazing! Madison wants to show it off to everyone she knows!” – Tyjanna L.

“Yes, they got the package. It was awesome! Thanks so much!!!! What a blessing you are to us!” – Emmy H.

“First I would love to say, thank you so much! It means so much to us to have someone that cares so much.” – Helen D.

“Thank you girls so much for the baskets for my girls! They were SOOOO excited to get home and find the package, and I LOOOOVED the photo collage you made!!!!!! It was so good! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” – Amy C.

“It was wonderful…Thank you all so much!! The boys loved it. :)…Hugs, you all are such a blessing.” – Chrystal B.

“We got the package today!! Thank you so much..The picture was GREAT!!! Kaden and Kezden loved the boxes!!” – Jennifer S.

“Wow! Packed with fun to the brim! You have brought happiness. Mission accomplished! :) … We are blown away at what Lindsay and Holly can accomplish! They truly are my heroes, spreading this kind of love to those who really can use a butterfly kiss! Thank you, thank you! Amazing young ladies.” – Tiffany W.

“We did recieve Jaxon’s care package and we are very grateful! The canvas was absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes when I opened it up. You girls did a fantastic job and are very talented. What you are doing for us and other families is bringing a little smiles to our lives!” – Alexis R.

“William and Jason and I really loved looking at all the photos and remembering the good times! It is beautiful!! William has also fell lin love with the changing color car in his little packet and it now goes to bed with him each night. You guys are amazing and it couldn’ have arrived on a better day. We have hung the collage up and have had many compliments on what a wonderful idea that is and how beautiful it is to see all those pictures, especially the feet!”Rebecca M.

 “The kids loved it and I adore the photo collage – you are so wonderful!!!”Antoinette O.

“Atia and Asher got your beautiful package; it brought such joy to the kids. She was really impressed with all the pictures. Thank you for bringing a smile to her face.” Laura L.

“Jessi was so very happy to see you guys today. I can’t say enough great things about you two lovely young ladies and what you are doing for the kids out there that fight this nasty disease!  May God Bless you tenfold.”Heather U.

“Thanks Lindsay and Holly — you guys are doing a really nice thing for kids! …thank you guys for all the fun gifts and nice visit.” – Amy C.

“You all were amazing. She has not stopped talking about this afternoon. You made a difference to her today. Thank you all so much for what you do.”Alan T.

“I wanted to thank you for sending my daughter, Talia a wonderful care package full of gifts.  She loved them all.  Thank you again for the lovely gift.”Desiree C.

“Thank you so much. Nicholas received his care package today and he loved it. And his siblings thank you also for theirs. We loved everything  especially the pictures which I will always treasure. Again thank you for what you do. It really makes a difference.”Christy W.

“Lindsay!! Yes !! We got it!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!! The kids were so excited!! My neighbor picks up our packages since we get home late most of the time and rgave it to us last night. Will post some pictures very soon!!!! Logan is wearing his spiderman socks now and took his personalized box to appts today!!! I love the collage!!! It made me shed many tears. Thank you for the xtra pics and will cherish the collage forever! Such an amazing gift!! Thank you so much from all if the Sinclair’s !!!”Jennifer S.

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